Dear God,
April 18, 2008

From the founders of one of my favorite blogs,,  comes; a startlingly new concept of spirituality where people from all over the planet reveal their innermost hopes and fears in the form of electronic prayers to god. Its inspiring, frightening and thought provoking with a heavy helping of art.  Its not a religious specific site, in fact I think their mission is just to provide a platform for people of any belief system to just kinda send a shout out to The Master Architect, whomever they believe that might be.  Check it out….


Thought Provoking Commercial…
March 27, 2008

I saw a commercial on television that touched me.  So, I immediately went to YouTube to see if I could find it to share with you.  It is an eloquently written, thought provoking, elevating [if not glorified] sales pitch. The American Express commercial features Diane Von Furstenberg speaking in a voice that is simultaneously curious, comforting, extoic and transcendent. She speaks of her dreams, her calling in Life and her Experience–things I find myself thinking about alot lately.   I dunno, I guess I saw my reflection for a moment and it spooked me.  
Have a look for yourself. Does the underlying message touch you in some way?  Regardless of the intent of the commercial as a sales pitch, I think its advertising done well…