The Sartorialist
April 9, 2008

This is a fantastic site where everyday people are photographed in the streets (read: runways) of New York, Milan, Paris and other world-class cities. Notice that Chicago is conspicuously missing from the mix; I guess Cub’s jerseys, cut-off jeans and pasty thighs are just sooo last season, LOL.  

Its a showcase of street style from a fellow I.U. alum that has become wildly popular  (in fact its one of TIME magazine’s top blogs).   If you’re curious about the name, Sartorial means “of or relating to a tailor or to tailoring” (as per Princeton Wordnet)  By the looks of it, it seems that the men are more fashion conscious than women!






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MyArt: Photographing Paulo
November 9, 2007

Here’s a recent collection of fashion photographs that I either took myself and/or art directed & produced as part of a Salvatore Ferragamo fashion shoot test for a good friend of mine, Paulo. He hails from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and while he doesn’t officially model, I think he’s got some potential so I hooked him up big time with a nice starter portfolio. What do you think? Post your comments!



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MyArt: Julio in the Iglesia
November 6, 2007

One random and recent day, I popped into a church (“iglesia” en Español) that I had been admiring for quite a while. My intrigue got the best of me on this day and I, along with a friend of mine (we’ll call him “Julio”), set off to explore and photograph this gorgeous and historic place in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago. Each step we took was met with an eerie noise and a glance over the shoulder to see if we’d been spotted. We even managed to find our way into the forbidden belltower and choir stand to get some great shots (forgive me Lord, for I have sinned ;-p )….

Photography slideshow: