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Japanese Commercial

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Look at this cheeky 80’s Japanese commercial for an anti-itch serum… LOL!

Beautiful Cocks…

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Lately I’ve had cock on the brain. I ran across The Illustrated Book of Poultry by Lewis Wright, published around 1885. Its a fascinating series of poultry lithographs, popularly known as “Cassell’s Book of Poultry”, and features illustrations of both the male (cock) and female (hen) sexes of the various breeds of the animal. The illustrations might just make you stop and think twice the next time you sit down at the dinner table…


Comparative Examples:

I’ve put together a series of comparisons of the 1885 lithographs with actual photos of the various chicken breeds from hatcheries that actually sell the animals for pets or food/farming purposes. I guess I’ve never actually thought of poultry as being beautiful, but, clearly they are. I have a new respect for the under-appreciated chicken. What are your thoughts?

White Crested Black Polish chicken:

Actual photos of the “White Crested Black Polish” chicken:

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Happy St. Paddy’s day.  Just a shout out to all my Irish boys out there…Finbar, Carl, Shane, Colin…. 

LOL: Bjork and P.Diddy

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Important New Study!

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From the Shuttleworth Research Center: The most Important Issue for Voters in 2008 is…Bullshit.  LOL!

LOL: Hi….Bye.

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Hi, Bye.

Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre
Fantastic, funny artwork by Wilhelm  Staehle….

LOL: Bureau of Communication

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Bureau of Communication
This is pretty cool and fun.  Its a free online service that lets you fill in funny, official looking forms and then email them to someone.  I think its a great way to communicate with someone if they aren’t taking the hint verbally, lol. Some of the forms could actually be quite useful and serious, in addition to being silly and fun… Check out all the different forms you can make.  I’ve already made a few and sent them to people; like the one shown above.  I wish I had found it before Valentine’s Day….


Happy Valentine’s Day

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ROFLMAO! Delta Ebonics

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I recently ran across this parody video on YouTube for a Delta Air Lines ebonics spoof. I’ve actually had the audio portion of this for a number of years and it was funny and nostalgic to run across this again. Remember the whole ridiculous ebonics push back in the 90’s.  Anyway, its totally offensive to some but funny nonetheless…LOL!

Learn more about the ebonics controversy in the 90’s…