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1st Ave Machine, NYC
April 22, 2008

A wonderful video showcasing the design talents of NYC’s 1st Ave Machine CGI (Computer-generated imagery) skills.  Organic and cool….


March 17, 2008

Happy St. Paddy’s day.  Just a shout out to all my Irish boys out there…Finbar, Carl, Shane, Colin…. 

Chicago: Olympics Host City?
November 14, 2007

2016 Olympics In Chicago
“Stir the Soul” promotional video.

Chicago has been quite the boom town in recent years, and I believe that hosting the Olympics would push it to a certain critical mass of attention and appreciation once again. It would inject a lot of money and global exposure into the local economy, in many the same ways the Columbian Exposition did.

The [Lost] Art of Kissing
November 14, 2007


I’m not one to brag much or anything, but I have been told quite frequently that I’m a good kisser. Now this leads me to believe that the art of kissing is a dying one, or at least that people are lazy, sloppy and inattentive. So, here are some practical pointers from me (the critics agree)…

Always have moisturized lips.
Nothing says “OK, that’s enough” quite like Frosted Flake lips.

Maintain eye contact.
Like a predator staring down his prey just before the kill, staring into the eyes heightens the anticipation and can add to the intensity of the kiss.  Closing your eyes during the kiss is fine, in fact they say it means you trust the person or something like that.  Just makes sure your eyes are wide open before you commence tongue hockey… you don’t wanna miss the target and suck on a nostril.

Take it easy!
Despite how turned-on you may be, you definitely don’t want to induce bleeding or a concussion by ramming your head into the receiving party. Dental work is expensive…Go slow and sure, with all the confidence and intent in the world.

Come up for air.
You can maintain an endless lip-tango if you just breeeeathe. Forget about shoving your tongue down someones throat until you’re blue in the face. A series of short, sweet kisses works nicely too– dotted with short quick breaths. Also, try inhaling just before the moment your lips touch. This vacuum just before the kiss will help to neutralize any food/smoke/whatever odors that may be coming from your boca. Try to time your inhaling during the kiss when there is “airspace” between you. Exhale through your nose, inhale through your mouth during a kiss! Just make it suttle…your mouth shouldn’t sound like a Hoover.

Now, combine these pointers and let me know how it works out for ya 😉

Between a rock & a hard place
November 8, 2007

lodged rock

I’m sure we can all relate to the cliché (I sure can), but this brings new meaning to the phrase “between a rock and a hard place”. Here, one of Mary’s little lambs is perched high atop a bolder that’s wedged between the walls of a mountain crevice in Norway. The rock, apparently quite famous as rocks go, has a name too– “Kjeragbolten”. Now that’s cool and all, but there are some real adrenaline crackheads that actually stand on this rock for a photo-op. Of course, one wrong move (or bad Karma) and they’re off on a 3,000ft+ freebase drop, sans parachute. Now that’s a rush! As for this lil lamb, I’m thinkin’ somewhere down below there’s a nice wool coat with a skeleton inside.

Look at this idiot on the rock…

More cool rocks here…

The Pacific Trash Vortex
November 6, 2007

trash in our oceans
OK this really is dumbfounding. There is a mass of TRASH floating around the Pacific Ocean that is twice the size of TEXAS! A veritable continent of trash floating in once pristine waters, caused by people like you and me. Humans really are cancers to the Earth. Its disturbing, and whats worse is that it seems futile to worry about it since its in international waters (thus isn’t any one country’s responsibility), and would take a massive amount of money and physical resources to clean up. Meanwhile it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Its mostly plastic and non-biodegradable, so it’ll be there for a long time. I mean, seriously, how and when do we start to change the way treat the earth? The more I realize how big the issue is, the more I’m lost…

More reading on this subject:

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Should I get this tattoo?
November 6, 2007

me with a tattoo compositeI made a composite image of a tattoo design on my upper arm. What does this tattoo design say to you?

“Sexy, I want you now!”
“OK but I’m not in love”
“Its sooo gay, gurl”
“Ahhh, I dunno…”
“No Way! Your skin is awsome”

click here to zoom in…

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