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June 8, 2008

I’m in love with the often profound and bombastic prose of Kanye West.   Kayne is a brilliant contemporary poet, disgusised in slick beats and classic samples. One of his latest songs “Homecoming”, touched me deeply in a moment of personal reflection.  This song is just another fine example how Kanye uses creative dialog, metaphors and analogies to pronounce the love of his hometown (and mine), Chicago.  I couldn’t have articulated that feeling better than he has here in  disturbingly familiar words, rhythm and visual presentation. (Click play above to view video)

Chicago Skyline

Above: A photo of Chicago’s Skyline I took by boat.


Dear God,
April 18, 2008

From the founders of one of my favorite blogs,,  comes; a startlingly new concept of spirituality where people from all over the planet reveal their innermost hopes and fears in the form of electronic prayers to god. Its inspiring, frightening and thought provoking with a heavy helping of art.  Its not a religious specific site, in fact I think their mission is just to provide a platform for people of any belief system to just kinda send a shout out to The Master Architect, whomever they believe that might be.  Check it out….

Thought Provoking Commercial…
March 27, 2008

I saw a commercial on television that touched me.  So, I immediately went to YouTube to see if I could find it to share with you.  It is an eloquently written, thought provoking, elevating [if not glorified] sales pitch. The American Express commercial features Diane Von Furstenberg speaking in a voice that is simultaneously curious, comforting, extoic and transcendent. She speaks of her dreams, her calling in Life and her Experience–things I find myself thinking about alot lately.   I dunno, I guess I saw my reflection for a moment and it spooked me.  
Have a look for yourself. Does the underlying message touch you in some way?  Regardless of the intent of the commercial as a sales pitch, I think its advertising done well… 


Beautiful Cocks…
March 23, 2008

Lately I’ve had cock on the brain. I ran across The Illustrated Book of Poultry by Lewis Wright, published around 1885. Its a fascinating series of poultry lithographs, popularly known as “Cassell’s Book of Poultry”, and features illustrations of both the male (cock) and female (hen) sexes of the various breeds of the animal. The illustrations might just make you stop and think twice the next time you sit down at the dinner table…


Comparative Examples:

I’ve put together a series of comparisons of the 1885 lithographs with actual photos of the various chicken breeds from hatcheries that actually sell the animals for pets or food/farming purposes. I guess I’ve never actually thought of poultry as being beautiful, but, clearly they are. I have a new respect for the under-appreciated chicken. What are your thoughts?

White Crested Black Polish chicken:

Actual photos of the “White Crested Black Polish” chicken:

See more….


If I am what others say I am…
January 21, 2008

…Then, why am I so afraid? 

 “Superstar” by Lupe Fiasco, featuring Matthew Santos…

Josie’s LaLaLand: an Eb Hu Film
November 6, 2007

Fireflies and Fog… In what can only be described as a lucid dream-state of thought, this fantastic high-definition, computer-generated short movie is narrated by a soft woman’s voice with an accent I can’t figure out (South African, possibly New Zealand?). She’s reading diary entries of a woman who passed away and wrote of what she believed death to be like before her departure. Not in a gloomy way, its pretty. Check it out.

Click on image or here to view…

The Pacific Trash Vortex
November 6, 2007

trash in our oceans
OK this really is dumbfounding. There is a mass of TRASH floating around the Pacific Ocean that is twice the size of TEXAS! A veritable continent of trash floating in once pristine waters, caused by people like you and me. Humans really are cancers to the Earth. Its disturbing, and whats worse is that it seems futile to worry about it since its in international waters (thus isn’t any one country’s responsibility), and would take a massive amount of money and physical resources to clean up. Meanwhile it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Its mostly plastic and non-biodegradable, so it’ll be there for a long time. I mean, seriously, how and when do we start to change the way treat the earth? The more I realize how big the issue is, the more I’m lost…

More reading on this subject:

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Welcome to my brain dump.
November 5, 2007

Welcome to my brain dump.

Ok, so I guess this is my new way of getting all the crap I collect in my brain out onto paper, well the screen at least. I’m an explorer, a creative, a romantic, a visionary and an attention deprived guy. My brain is always working, processing and hopping from concept to concept. I hope you enjoy the myriad of things, experiences, thoughts, places and immense beauty that I seem to come across on a daily basis…