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“Dane & Deluca”
November 15, 2007


The Royal Cafe in Copenhagen, Denmark has given birth to a new culinary phenomenon: “Smushi” – traditional Danish smørrebrød” (a 300 year-old open faced sandwich) with a contemporary sushi twist. The idea was created by “gastronaut” Rud Christiansen for the Royal Cafe, perhaps the Danish equivalent to the U.S.’s “Dean & Delcuca”gourmet market-cafe. Check out this well-produced video review from Monocle Magazine of the beautiful location and its nouvelle cuisine…

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Between a rock & a hard place
November 8, 2007

lodged rock

I’m sure we can all relate to the cliché (I sure can), but this brings new meaning to the phrase “between a rock and a hard place”. Here, one of Mary’s little lambs is perched high atop a bolder that’s wedged between the walls of a mountain crevice in Norway. The rock, apparently quite famous as rocks go, has a name too– “Kjeragbolten”. Now that’s cool and all, but there are some real adrenaline crackheads that actually stand on this rock for a photo-op. Of course, one wrong move (or bad Karma) and they’re off on a 3,000ft+ freebase drop, sans parachute. Now that’s a rush! As for this lil lamb, I’m thinkin’ somewhere down below there’s a nice wool coat with a skeleton inside.

Look at this idiot on the rock…

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