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Mmmm, big salty balls….
January 29, 2008

big salty balls
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Believe it or not, these are actually real products from Heinz.  “Beanz with Balls, Big Saucy Bangers and Red Hot Balls”… the potential jokes seem endless, and thats exactly what Heinz was banking on when they camped up the packaging for this new line which is targeted at [younger] males.   The products are sold in England, where apparently as many as 1.1 million males eat baked beans every day.   Perhaps that explains the whole bad-teeth thing… lol.


“Dane & Deluca”
November 15, 2007


The Royal Cafe in Copenhagen, Denmark has given birth to a new culinary phenomenon: “Smushi” – traditional Danish smørrebrød” (a 300 year-old open faced sandwich) with a contemporary sushi twist. The idea was created by “gastronaut” Rud Christiansen for the Royal Cafe, perhaps the Danish equivalent to the U.S.’s “Dean & Delcuca”gourmet market-cafe. Check out this well-produced video review from Monocle Magazine of the beautiful location and its nouvelle cuisine…

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