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June 8, 2008

I’m in love with the often profound and bombastic prose of Kanye West.   Kayne is a brilliant contemporary poet, disgusised in slick beats and classic samples. One of his latest songs “Homecoming”, touched me deeply in a moment of personal reflection.  This song is just another fine example how Kanye uses creative dialog, metaphors and analogies to pronounce the love of his hometown (and mine), Chicago.  I couldn’t have articulated that feeling better than he has here in  disturbingly familiar words, rhythm and visual presentation. (Click play above to view video)

Chicago Skyline

Above: A photo of Chicago’s Skyline I took by boat.


Chicago is the new Gotham
January 29, 2008

Chicago Skyline
Above: A photo of Chicago’s Skyline I took by boat.

By now, you’ve all heard that actor Heath Ledger was found dead in his New York apartment recently. I was a fan of his, and he will be dearly missed by many. Heath’s last movie, “Batman: The Dark Knight”, will be released this summer and was filmed in Chicago. This may come as a surprise to many that Chicago be crowned the new “Gotham City”, since New York City has traditionally donned the moniker. Well, seems people are now remembering the forgotten Second City and all her beauty…

Batman: The Dark Knight

The Chicago Spire
January 29, 2008

The Chicago Spire

Currently under construction in Chicago: the tallest residential building in the world at around 2,000 feet. The “Chicago Spire” high rise condominium is designed by starchitect Santiago Calatrava (more info…). He’s one of my personal heroes and his designs are always jaw-dropping, design and engineering-intensive masterpieces. The building is a twisting sculpture of stainless steel and concrete. Chicago, indeed the United States, is lucky to have his work on our soil as Calatrava is already a legend of design and architecture the world over. Another feather in Chicago’s hat for the spirit of one-upsmanship the city has become known for.

Take a look at these well-produced videos below, showing the building in three dimensions and clips of Calatrava and others speaking about the project, it’s inspiration and the location. Wow! Anybody got $40 mil for the penthouse you can loan me?

On the location, the building and the man:

The Spire Itself:

Why Chicago:

For more information on this project:

Chicago: Olympics Host City?
November 14, 2007

2016 Olympics In Chicago
“Stir the Soul” promotional video.

Chicago has been quite the boom town in recent years, and I believe that hosting the Olympics would push it to a certain critical mass of attention and appreciation once again. It would inject a lot of money and global exposure into the local economy, in many the same ways the Columbian Exposition did.

The [American] Dream City
November 7, 2007

It may look like a grand European city, but its Chicago.
It’s been called “Paris on the prairie”, and indeed Chicago is all-that-and-a-bag-of-chips. Cities like this don’t happen on accident. Its a city that was built on the dreams of very passionate and educated people. Having traveled all over the world, I can say that Chicago rivals any of the world’s great cities with its breadth and depth of history, culture, architecture and world-class amenities.

Chicago, 1893

This entry is the first in a series of entries that I hope to do on Chicago and it’s interesting history. From an entire city engulfed in flames, to a Jack the Ripper-type killer on the loose (during the time of the photos seen here), to the invention of the skyscraper, to Al Capone to Oprah (ok, maybe not Oprah). I have returned to Chicago to dive into its rich history, beauty and importance in the United States, and in my life.

chicago 1893chicago 1893



MyArt: Julio in the Iglesia
November 6, 2007

One random and recent day, I popped into a church (“iglesia” en Español) that I had been admiring for quite a while. My intrigue got the best of me on this day and I, along with a friend of mine (we’ll call him “Julio”), set off to explore and photograph this gorgeous and historic place in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago. Each step we took was met with an eerie noise and a glance over the shoulder to see if we’d been spotted. We even managed to find our way into the forbidden belltower and choir stand to get some great shots (forgive me Lord, for I have sinned ;-p )….

Photography slideshow: