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R.I.P. Yves Saint-Laurent
June 2, 2008

The iconic fashion designer Yves Saint-Laurent died today.  May he rest in peace.  His contributions to the world of fashion and design are significant, some say immeasurable.


Cool Paper Art
April 18, 2008

Cool art from a single piece of paper...

Entries for an art contest at the Hirshorn Modern Art Gallery in D.C.  The rule was that the artist could use only one sheet of paper.  How cool is that.  Check out more contest winners…

Audio Aubergine
March 23, 2008

Audio Aubergine

Beautiful Cocks…
March 23, 2008

Lately I’ve had cock on the brain. I ran across The Illustrated Book of Poultry by Lewis Wright, published around 1885. Its a fascinating series of poultry lithographs, popularly known as “Cassell’s Book of Poultry”, and features illustrations of both the male (cock) and female (hen) sexes of the various breeds of the animal. The illustrations might just make you stop and think twice the next time you sit down at the dinner table…


Comparative Examples:

I’ve put together a series of comparisons of the 1885 lithographs with actual photos of the various chicken breeds from hatcheries that actually sell the animals for pets or food/farming purposes. I guess I’ve never actually thought of poultry as being beautiful, but, clearly they are. I have a new respect for the under-appreciated chicken. What are your thoughts?

White Crested Black Polish chicken:

Actual photos of the “White Crested Black Polish” chicken:

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The Purity & Honesty of Youth
November 15, 2007

Nothing is more pure than the anguish of a child. Photos of children crying capture raw emotion, sputtering rage, profound loss and theatrical drama at its finest. I think we become desensitized as adults and suppress these emotions and reserve them for only the most catastrophic of events. As adults we edit our feelings and burn nerve endings, but the honesty of a child’s feelings is undeniable. Take a look at these captivating photos by Jill Greenberg



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The [Lost] Art of Kissing
November 14, 2007


I’m not one to brag much or anything, but I have been told quite frequently that I’m a good kisser. Now this leads me to believe that the art of kissing is a dying one, or at least that people are lazy, sloppy and inattentive. So, here are some practical pointers from me (the critics agree)…

Always have moisturized lips.
Nothing says “OK, that’s enough” quite like Frosted Flake lips.

Maintain eye contact.
Like a predator staring down his prey just before the kill, staring into the eyes heightens the anticipation and can add to the intensity of the kiss.  Closing your eyes during the kiss is fine, in fact they say it means you trust the person or something like that.  Just makes sure your eyes are wide open before you commence tongue hockey… you don’t wanna miss the target and suck on a nostril.

Take it easy!
Despite how turned-on you may be, you definitely don’t want to induce bleeding or a concussion by ramming your head into the receiving party. Dental work is expensive…Go slow and sure, with all the confidence and intent in the world.

Come up for air.
You can maintain an endless lip-tango if you just breeeeathe. Forget about shoving your tongue down someones throat until you’re blue in the face. A series of short, sweet kisses works nicely too– dotted with short quick breaths. Also, try inhaling just before the moment your lips touch. This vacuum just before the kiss will help to neutralize any food/smoke/whatever odors that may be coming from your boca. Try to time your inhaling during the kiss when there is “airspace” between you. Exhale through your nose, inhale through your mouth during a kiss! Just make it suttle…your mouth shouldn’t sound like a Hoover.

Now, combine these pointers and let me know how it works out for ya 😉

MyArt: Julio in the Iglesia
November 6, 2007

One random and recent day, I popped into a church (“iglesia” en Español) that I had been admiring for quite a while. My intrigue got the best of me on this day and I, along with a friend of mine (we’ll call him “Julio”), set off to explore and photograph this gorgeous and historic place in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago. Each step we took was met with an eerie noise and a glance over the shoulder to see if we’d been spotted. We even managed to find our way into the forbidden belltower and choir stand to get some great shots (forgive me Lord, for I have sinned ;-p )….

Photography slideshow: