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Thought Provoking Commercial…
March 27, 2008

I saw a commercial on television that touched me.  So, I immediately went to YouTube to see if I could find it to share with you.  It is an eloquently written, thought provoking, elevating [if not glorified] sales pitch. The American Express commercial features Diane Von Furstenberg speaking in a voice that is simultaneously curious, comforting, extoic and transcendent. She speaks of her dreams, her calling in Life and her Experience–things I find myself thinking about alot lately.   I dunno, I guess I saw my reflection for a moment and it spooked me.  
Have a look for yourself. Does the underlying message touch you in some way?  Regardless of the intent of the commercial as a sales pitch, I think its advertising done well… 



Audio Aubergine
March 23, 2008

Audio Aubergine

Life Instructions…
March 23, 2008


Japanese Commercial
March 23, 2008

Look at this cheeky 80’s Japanese commercial for an anti-itch serum… LOL!

Beautiful Cocks…
March 23, 2008

Lately I’ve had cock on the brain. I ran across The Illustrated Book of Poultry by Lewis Wright, published around 1885. Its a fascinating series of poultry lithographs, popularly known as “Cassell’s Book of Poultry”, and features illustrations of both the male (cock) and female (hen) sexes of the various breeds of the animal. The illustrations might just make you stop and think twice the next time you sit down at the dinner table…


Comparative Examples:

I’ve put together a series of comparisons of the 1885 lithographs with actual photos of the various chicken breeds from hatcheries that actually sell the animals for pets or food/farming purposes. I guess I’ve never actually thought of poultry as being beautiful, but, clearly they are. I have a new respect for the under-appreciated chicken. What are your thoughts?

White Crested Black Polish chicken:

Actual photos of the “White Crested Black Polish” chicken:

See more….


March 17, 2008

Happy St. Paddy’s day.  Just a shout out to all my Irish boys out there…Finbar, Carl, Shane, Colin…. 

LOL: Bjork and P.Diddy
March 17, 2008

Important New Study!
March 11, 2008

From the Shuttleworth Research Center: The most Important Issue for Voters in 2008 is…Bullshit.  LOL!

LOL: Hi….Bye.
March 5, 2008

Hi, Bye.

Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre
Fantastic, funny artwork by Wilhelm  Staehle….