The Ring House: Japan

ring house

This amazing home, located in the Japanese countryside, was designed by TNA architects and completed in 2006. Surrounded by thick vegetation, The house serves as a weekend house for the owners and respite from the city. I imagine that the 360° views the home affords it’s owners must elevate them into a Zen-like state. Damn, I could soooo imagine such a retreat for myself. I’m a huge nature and architecture buff, so the fusion of the two would just make my brain explode. I love Asian aesthetics, specifically Japanese design sensibilities.

It would be like living in a spa. I wish I had an environment like this to escape to, meditate and be creative in my own little cocoon. Well, one of these days…. I have a collection of drawings and plans that I have done myself for unique home designs that I hope to build one day and share with someone special…


3 Responses

  1. Gorgeous photos! Nice entry. Thanks!

  2. nice place…8)

  3. i may be 12 years old but this is just beautiful.ever since i was at least 5 years old i have wanted to live in japan right along mt.fuji and i still do. i belive japan will always have the most intelligent minds for this beautiful architecture.i have been studying in an obscene interest for japanese culture , architecture , etc…
    for as long as i have been in school.this will always be my dream house. i even have been interested in architecture so maybe i will become an architecture woman.

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