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A Love Song For The Times
November 16, 2007

Break out the wine, light some candles and then check out this painfully modern love ballad by Usher called “Dot Com”. Apparently, computer and internet metaphors are sexy and seductive now. Lyrics below for you to enjoy…

Usher, “Dot Com”


Oooh I love the way you dirty type,
I can take you home on escape.
Oooh I need your backspace in my life.
Thank God you don’t have a flatscreen….

Please, baby I got to see you,
and I really want to please you,
so get on my laptop so I can download…

Online…I love the way you log on,
we can do it all night,
I’ll make you dot come.
Baby if you sign on,
I’m gonna make ya light up,
ooh baby if you log on
I’ll make you dot come…

I wanted to link up with you baby at first site,
with you I get to use my “F” keys
I can’t wait to give you megabites.
I’ve got all the memory you need.
Let my fingers do the talking baby…

Please… baby I got to see you,
I really want to please you,
so get on my laptop so I can download…

Repeat Chorus

Oooh baby you want this I know.
I can’t wait to give you my harddrive,
my moonlight…if it’s alright.
Baby…I’m always at your window,
ready to shift and control you,
if you want me to….

….say yes baby….

Please baby I got to see you,
I really want to please you,
so get up on me baby get up on me
I really want you…

Repeat Chorus


The Purity & Honesty of Youth
November 15, 2007

Nothing is more pure than the anguish of a child. Photos of children crying capture raw emotion, sputtering rage, profound loss and theatrical drama at its finest. I think we become desensitized as adults and suppress these emotions and reserve them for only the most catastrophic of events. As adults we edit our feelings and burn nerve endings, but the honesty of a child’s feelings is undeniable. Take a look at these captivating photos by Jill Greenberg



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“Dane & Deluca”
November 15, 2007


The Royal Cafe in Copenhagen, Denmark has given birth to a new culinary phenomenon: “Smushi” – traditional Danish smørrebrød” (a 300 year-old open faced sandwich) with a contemporary sushi twist. The idea was created by “gastronaut” Rud Christiansen for the Royal Cafe, perhaps the Danish equivalent to the U.S.’s “Dean & Delcuca”gourmet market-cafe. Check out this well-produced video review from Monocle Magazine of the beautiful location and its nouvelle cuisine…

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Chicago: Olympics Host City?
November 14, 2007

2016 Olympics In Chicago
“Stir the Soul” promotional video.

Chicago has been quite the boom town in recent years, and I believe that hosting the Olympics would push it to a certain critical mass of attention and appreciation once again. It would inject a lot of money and global exposure into the local economy, in many the same ways the Columbian Exposition did.

The [Lost] Art of Kissing
November 14, 2007


I’m not one to brag much or anything, but I have been told quite frequently that I’m a good kisser. Now this leads me to believe that the art of kissing is a dying one, or at least that people are lazy, sloppy and inattentive. So, here are some practical pointers from me (the critics agree)…

Always have moisturized lips.
Nothing says “OK, that’s enough” quite like Frosted Flake lips.

Maintain eye contact.
Like a predator staring down his prey just before the kill, staring into the eyes heightens the anticipation and can add to the intensity of the kiss.  Closing your eyes during the kiss is fine, in fact they say it means you trust the person or something like that.  Just makes sure your eyes are wide open before you commence tongue hockey… you don’t wanna miss the target and suck on a nostril.

Take it easy!
Despite how turned-on you may be, you definitely don’t want to induce bleeding or a concussion by ramming your head into the receiving party. Dental work is expensive…Go slow and sure, with all the confidence and intent in the world.

Come up for air.
You can maintain an endless lip-tango if you just breeeeathe. Forget about shoving your tongue down someones throat until you’re blue in the face. A series of short, sweet kisses works nicely too– dotted with short quick breaths. Also, try inhaling just before the moment your lips touch. This vacuum just before the kiss will help to neutralize any food/smoke/whatever odors that may be coming from your boca. Try to time your inhaling during the kiss when there is “airspace” between you. Exhale through your nose, inhale through your mouth during a kiss! Just make it suttle…your mouth shouldn’t sound like a Hoover.

Now, combine these pointers and let me know how it works out for ya 😉

Places: Samaná, Dominican Rep.
November 13, 2007

samana dominican republic

Vacation anyone? The raw eco-jewel called the Samaná Penninsula is located on the northern shore of the island nation of the Dominican Republic. Brad & Angelina Jolie agree…they’ve been spotted looking for land in this part of the island. What’s not to like about secluded natural beaches, whale watching, waterfalls, natural preserves and beautiful locals…


Cube House
November 12, 2007

I’ve been wanting to design and build a cost-effective, “green” and modern structure from the ground-up for a very long time. I have some drawings of several house designs and ideas. I may post some of them online one of these days, but I’m waiting to do scale model 3D visualizations of the designs with photo-realistic lighting and the whole nine yards. While the design of the cube house shown here is a bit severe for my tastes, I do like a lot of elements about this cool house. I want oneeee! Check it out…

Check out the pics of the house here…

A Few Good Ideas…
November 12, 2007

Having been worked in the advertising world, this is totally hilarious to me. Its a spoof of “A Few Good Men”, dubbed over to sound like creatives defending their ideas. Been there, done that…

via AdFreak

November 12, 2007

For 10 seconds to take a deep breath.

For 1 minute to take in the view.

For a couple of minutes to read my blog.

For 10 minutes to clear your head.

For 20 minutes to call your mom.

For half an hour to excercise your body.

For a couple of hours to make love.

For a day to find some fun.

For a weekend away from the norm.

For a month to learn something new.

For a summer to feel like a kid again.

For a year to see the world.

For a lifetime to work out what it all means.

Or, for five minutes to do absolutely nothing…

-paraphrased from Howies ®

MyArt: Photographing Paulo
November 9, 2007

Here’s a recent collection of fashion photographs that I either took myself and/or art directed & produced as part of a Salvatore Ferragamo fashion shoot test for a good friend of mine, Paulo. He hails from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and while he doesn’t officially model, I think he’s got some potential so I hooked him up big time with a nice starter portfolio. What do you think? Post your comments!



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